• Enjoyed a great trip to New York this July with my wife Mala.  The energy in New York is relentless.  We stayed in Greenich Village (first Airbnb experience went well, though I will always be partial to couchsurfing) and enjoyed all the niche eateries and no matter if it was 9am or midnight, there was a critical density of people everywhere.  I can’t help but think of the influence this has on relationships with people, for better or worse.

  • Firefly Hair Salon

    I’ve been getting my haircut by Johnny over at Firefly Salon for the past couple of years.  I enjoy going there as its always to cool to chat with him and hear his perspective on life…while getting a great cut.

    I’d been wanting to capture some images of Johnny and his salon for awhile.  He’s set up a creative space that even features some of his own artwork.  And I always welcome a chance to promote a small local business owner who’s doing good work.  It took some time to get Johnny to open up, but I think I was able to capture his true personality and it was great that Johnny’s clients were open to being photographed mid-style as well.

    You can find Johnny and the Firefly Hair Salon on Yelp.